What we do

Surface Preparation

Preparing a surface of the steel material for smoother & fine application of any kind of coating,wrapping or spraying of lubricant on the fabric for the protection.

Industrial Paint Coating & Wrapping

Protecting the structural steel by applying a protective coat over the steel body such as paint & mettalic coating for preventing the corrosion of the fabric and forth by providing two layers of wrapping for resisting the material from bacterial attacks hence forth keeping a sustainable environment.


Providing with a safe scaffolding for the support of the work crew & the materials to the aid at the construction site by using the high quality components in the making of the scaffolds keeping in thought of a safer & protective environmnet for the roof on the built.

Thermal Spray Coating

Selecting an appropriate material to be used for the coating as an alternative to several surface treatment by measuring the required contents for providing a long extend of life to the material for a better surrounding.

Fiber Glass Lining

Fiberglass Lining is a type of plastering process which providing less down time and a far more durable surface which is perfect for both remodels and new construction.

Business Fields

We Handle

Oil & Gas Field Onshore

The oil & gas portfolio include the latest tested & field-proven technologies applicable in all the stages of onshore porduction.Provided with completely integrated facility automation & control systems for consistent operation management.

Petro Chemicals

Organic chemicals build from feedstocks by cracking the products are formed by the physical & chemical change in the feedstock by highly integrated form of cracking, isomerization, and reforming.

Power Plant (Electricity & Water)

Power plants are provided with a full line service hydroelectric power keeps all the industries going.The engineers work today to create the energy for tomorrow.


Processing the crude to more useful products for the human needs by maximum utilisation of the natural resources available.

Other Industrial Plants

The other insdustrial plants are used for satisfying human needs from the available resources in the nature & processing it to the maximum for a better tomorrow.

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